This e-mail is no longer relevant. It was sent to participants of the delayed 2020 Gregg Braden’s event.

Dear friends,

We heartily greet you all and would like to inform you about new facts. We could not inform you earlier, because we did not know until the last moment whether the seminar planned for August 6 would actually take place and we did not want to mislead you. The covid and the measures that caused the seminar to be rescheduled several times caused us all a lot of confusion.

The good news is that the seminar scheduled for Saturday, August 6, will indeed take place. We didn’t know this until the last minute, so we are happy to share this news with you. It’s been over two years since the planned seminar in April 2020, during which time we have organised two live online events with Gregg Braden full of new information. Now, due to all the circumstances that have occurred during these two years, there are some changes. These changes will not affect the basic concept of the seminar as originally planned.

The fundamental change is that the seminar will feature as the main speaker an American biologist, university teacher, scientist, distinguished speaker, author of the bestsellers ‚The Biology of Belief‘, ‚Spontaneous Evolution‘, ‚The Honeymoon Effect‘ and many other books, participant in the UN meetings, long-time friend and fellow speaker of Gregg Braden – Dr. Bruce Lipton. We are truly grateful to Dr. Bruce Lipton that despite all his busyness and his busy schedule, we were able to jointly arrange and coordinate his arrival in Prague. Dr. Bruce Lipton will be coming to Prague, not as part of his European tour, but only for this seminar, even though it normally takes more than 4 years to organize a similar seminar by Dr. Bruce Lipton.

We have one negative news that we cannot control. Gregg Braden is physically unable to attend the seminar in Prague due to serious health reasons.
Gregg Braden is very sorry about this and was looking forward to meeting you in person. He is very regretful, but his health condition does not allow him to travel abroad – the Czech Republic.
That is why our seminar will be a bit special and unusual. The original seminar topics will be retained, plus there will be new topics and information from Bruce Lipton, and if Gregg Braden’s health permits, Gregg Braden will be joining the room online from the USA to share his thoughts and absorb the atmosphere of this seminar with you.
We also ask you to support Gregg Braden and his health condition with your prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery.

If you have any questions, please email
Your tickets remain valid. For more information about the seminar, please visit and

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Prague on August 6.

The organizers of the Gregg Braden Seminar in Prague.